About Us

The original Healthwaves concept was sound and has not changed:

“Employers will benefit significantly by promoting health conscientiousness and healthier lifestyles for their employees in the workplace”.

As a leader in this field, Healthwaves believes strongly in promoting good health from within the organization and that fit employees make more productive and happier employees.

Four key reasons why Healthwaves is right for your company:

High Professional Standards

Healthwaves was the first “wellness” organization licensed by the state for public and worksite blood screening activities; Healthwaves meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements, such as OSHA and Arizona laboratory laws. Our staff is composed primarily of four-year degree exercise/health science graduates, at a minimum, and registered nurses, all under the medical supervision of Patrick N. Connell, M.D. Healthwaves practices in accordance with the HIPAA regulations as pertains to privacy practices and patient confidentiality regarding protected health information.


Healthwaves is an independently held and privately owned organization. Our wellness services are not designed to advocate a particular health care provider or product line. We control the content of our programs and make prevention our top priority.

Enthusiasm & Respect

To sell wellness, we make it fun and make it enjoyable. We want everyone to walk away from us with a positive attitude and a greater understanding of what they can do for themselves. Not everyone can run a marathon or compete in the Olympics, so we preach moderation both in exercise, nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

Adapting to the Client Needs

Every employer has different needs as it relates to their approach toward integrating wellness with health benefits and management style. We go into the worksite(s), customize our programs to fit employee work schedules, and prepare marketing materials which are designed specifically for the needs of the client.

Healthwaves was established to serve businesses seeking a proactive role in improving the health of their employees from the inside. The health of a company’s employees directly impacts the bottom line. We hope to make “wellness” an integral part of a company’s strategy for cost-effective health care performance.

John Hedberg


Healthwaves Co-founder and President John Hedberg. John is a graduate of U.S. Military Academy at West Point, was wellness coordinator of his commanding unit based in Germany and also served in military and civilian intelligence services.

Ted Hedberg

Vice President

Healthwaves Co-founder and Vice President Ted Hedberg in Nepal on a climbing trip. (Ama Deblam 2012). Ted is a former sports writer for the Arizona Republic and a former congressional aide in Washington, D.C. and District Representative for an Arizona Congressman.

Patrick N. Connell

Medical Director

Healthwaves Co-founder and Medical Director, Patrick N. Connell, M.D., FACEP, volunteering in a Honduras.
He is a specialist in emergency and occupational medicine and Affiliate Faculty at Maricopa Medical Center.