Corporate Wellness Programs

Schedule the Healthwaves Team at your location. Customize your company’s worksite and wellness screenings based on your health needs. Choose from the options listed below (minimum participation is 35 people per session).

Call us at 480-968-1886 to schedule screenings at your worksite.

Wellness Lab Tests

Lipid Panel
HDL & Glucose
SMAC Chem Panel
Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
C-Reactive Protein-High Sensitivity
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Hemoglobin A1C
Rheumatoid Arthritis Panel
TSH Thyroid
T3, T4 and T7 Thyroid
Apolipoprotein A–1 & B
Allergy Testing (Food & Regional Inhalent)
Homocysteine and more


3–Minute Total Cholesterol
Blood Sugar (glucose)
Cholesterol, Glucose & HDL
Lipid Profile (cholesterol, HDL, LDL, risk ratio, glucose)

Allergy Testing

Basic Food Panel
Tests 46 items (includes: milk, eggs, meats and grains).

Southwest Regional Inhalant Panel
Tests 45 items (includes: grasses, dust, pollens and pet hair).
For a complete list click:  Allergy - SW.doc

Comprehensive Food Panel

Tests 90 items—all of basic panel plus many more food items.
For a complete list click: Allergy - Expanded Food.doc

Worksite Immunizations

Influenza, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Hepatitis, and Travel Immunizations.
Pricing is seasonally dependent.

Call 480-968-1886 for details.

Other Wellness Tests & Programs

Pulmonary (Lung) Function
Measures vital capacity and lung efficiency. Great for individuals who smoke.

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Take-home kit for screening fecal-occult blood. Kit must be returned in provided envelope to Healthwaves.

Body Fat Analysis

Computerized infrared measurement. Preformed on the bicep.

Computerized Lifestyle Risk Assessment

Personalized results based on lifestyle questionnaire and testing results.

Osteoporosis Bone Density Screening

One minute ultrasound measurement of heel. No x-rays or radiation. Recommended for post-menopausal women or for those 40 years and older.

3-Minute Cardiovascular Step Test
Measures heart rate response to exercise.

Healthy Heart Class (30–45 minutes)

Designed to complement and be integrated with one or more of the screenings above. Conducted by a registered Nurse or Exercise Physiologist.